7 Principles to Build High Performing Product Teams

7 Principles for Growing High Performing Product Teams

In an increasingly competitive market, a steady flow of successful new products is vital for companies that want to survive. Doing this in a consistent manner is a daunting challenge for product-driven organizations. As a result, most companies struggle to create a consistent stream of great products that accumulate wealth so the business can fund its own growth. We will discuss common challenges plaguing product-centric organizations, identify why it is crucial to grow people and processes, and share insights to help you grow high performing product teams. You’ll learn: • Common challenges plaguing product-centric companies • Why it is crucial to grow a Product Management Organization • 7 principles for growing high performing product teams • Identify companies doing it right and others struggling This session will help you understand how to improve your organization’s performance to strengthen your product portfolio and achieve business growth.  


Hector Del Castillo

Hector loves to work with people who want to make a significant positive impact in the world. He helps executives, senior managers and entrepreneurs build great products and companies that change the world. As a product management expert with a proven track record of achieving exceptional product outcomes, he builds high performing product teams within software and technology companies. As a consultant and coach, he accelerates business growth by guiding product executives and senior managers, building capacity and capability, improving product lifecycle processes and deploying best in class tools to achieve smarter product outcomes resulting in over 26% increase in profitability.