Building Your Business Case

Building Your Business Case (Part 3): Creating Compelling Product Roadmaps 

In the first two parts of this series, we discussed how to use Lean techniques to develop a market opportunity hypothesis and validate it, and how to deeply understand your market situation through market research, voice of the customer, and competitive analysis techniques. All of this effort has been driving towards one goal: building the right product to delight customers and achieve your company’s strategic objectives. Part 3 of our series brings all of this together by discussing how to finish your product plan by prioritizing customer needs, partnering with your development team to agree on a solution, developing your product roadmap, and completing your financial analysis to build a solid business case that justifies your product investment. We’ll conclude with best practices for presenting your plan to get approval from your product review board or PM leader.  


Roger Snyder

Roger Snyder is a Principal Consultant and Trainer at The 280 Group. He has over 25 years of experience in high technology, first working in development, project management, and business development before finding his true passion – product management.  

Roger has been leading product management teams for the last 15 years, serving as Sr. Director or Vice President of product management at multiple firms. He was a key contributor to the success and growth of Openwave, increasing revenues in the core infrastructure business to over $100M in 3 years. At Danger, Roger led the product management team to expand the successful Sidekick product line from a single product to multiple products across multiple manufacturers, leading to the acquisition of Danger by Microsoft. At both Savi and Immersion, Roger rebuilt the product management team, hiring top talent to drive better communication and collaboration processes that created product roadmaps that were innovative and predictive.  

Roger has been involved in many facets of the mobile industry, from infrastructure products that pioneered accessing the Internet from a mobile phone, to complete smartphones, to mobile cloud services, to mobile applications across iOS and Android.  

Roger joined the 280 Group to leverage this experience to help more companies improve their product management discipline. He has experience improving product strategy development, the full product lifecycle process, whole product considerations, competitive and market research processes, and roadmap development and evolution. Roger is a member of the Association of International Product Marketing and Management. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley, and an MBA from Santa Clara University with concentrations in Leadership and Marketing.

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