Part 3: Faster Sprints is not the answer to new revenues

Mitigate your biggest risks delivering high-stakes projects.


Most teams fail to deliver successful new projects. They execute fast sprints - but still flounder.

The top reason for project failure is a fuzzy understanding of risks.  Without a precise risk mitigation model, teams typically “best guess” what to fix, often delivering yet another stumbling release.

Top-Risk Now strategy delivers projects in fewer sprints.  This proven, simple method gives each sprint the right focus, providing a clear mission for the Lean/Agile process.

To guide a team vision, Top-Risk Now identifies the immediate single biggest project risk, then mitigates it… enough. Product Managers then rinse and repeat on the next risk.

Insights from 3,800 high-stakes projects revealed how these exclusive techniques helped Gateway Adopters succeed. These decision models are now manifest in Top Risk Now.

Join this Top Risk Now webinar to

  • Discover your 4 project execution risk types 
  • How to best sequence your risks-type exposure 
  • Successfully deliver winning breakthrough products, fast

Meet our speaker

Patrick Hogan
Gateway Adopters

Patrick is an innovation authority, a veteran product manager, robotics engineer, and a graduate of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He has over 25 years of experience at startups and enterprises launching new software, hardware, and professional services offerings into nascent markets by -

  • Finding the right people for new, disruptive offerings
  • Defining what these customers find compelling
  • Mitigating a projects biggest risks before you make bigger bets 

Webcast Series

Land compelling with the right buyer - fast

How You Can Win - Driving the Innovation Game in 2020

Market Fit Fast – Three-Part Flagship Webinar Series:

Market Fit Fast (MFF) is a revolutionary new approach to successfully delivering high risk/high stakes new products - in the fastest possible time - to the most valuable 10% of any market... the Gateway Adopters.

MFF methodology flips the concept of ‘Lean’ and ‘Viable’ on its head, making ‘Agile’ product development more efficient, effective and successful than ever by focusing on what is ‘compelling’ to the markets’ most strategic buyer psychographic... the Gateway Adopter.

The MFF three-pillar framework enables product managers and innovators to get to product-market fit and new revenue often 75% faster than any other previously known method.

Projects managed using MFF deliver tangible value and competitive advantage to strategic buyers while simultaneously reducing the four product development risk types - the risks that typically kill 90% of innovation projects.

MFF was developed and “battle-tested” by Patrick Hogan. Leverage his insights from 3,800 high risk/high stakes projects, 400,000+ data points and 100’s of ‘Gateway Adopter’ interviews so you can understand:

  • That psychographics, not demographics are the key to success
  • The five types of value and how to deliver a ‘compelling’ version 1.0
  • How to mitigate the four risk types so you deliver new revenue faster

Attend this 3-webcast series to generate new revenues in the fraction of the typical time.

Part 1: June 19 2020 12PM Eastern

Part 2: July 10 2020 12PM Eastern

Part 3: July 24 2020 12PM Eastern

1. Who: Pivot to the only people that matter.

Identify and engage Gateway Adopters - the 10% of every market most likely to adopt new concepts – and lead the mass market

Listen to the replay [here]

2. What: Viable is not enough.

Develop a truly compelling product with great market fit – with value beyond a technically viable “MVP”– in a fraction of the time. Market Fit Fast value model and Minimum Compelling Offering release concept.

Listen to the replay [here]

3. Why: Faster sprints is not the answer.

Top-Risk Now strategy delivers projects in fewer sprints.  This proven, simple method gives each sprint the right focus, providing a clear mission for the Lean/Agile process.

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